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I‘m a believer in home and self defense. I recommend that everyone should take a hunters course or other courses on firearms / operations and proper training by a qualified armorer, gunsmith, or instructor. Protect yourself.... Protect others.  AR Parts 

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Accuracy Essentials Statement & Policies.


We provide all sorts of parts & services that all Americans need or want for their God given rights to own firearms. You want high end or base model stuff? We can get it. We have many suppliers and if we don’t have what you need or want we can order it. Remember: We are a country founded upon CHRISTIAN principles!!! We thank God every day for our rights to worship him, live free, protect our families, & to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights as a FREE nation!!!  Rifle Parts.


Accuracy Essentials Shipping Policy:

We ship paid orders within 1 to 2 business days (weekends/holidays excluded). All parcels will be packed securely to make sure they’re safe during transportation.

We use USPS First Class Mail. USA only, no exports.

A tracking number will be uploaded to your gunbroker  order and sent to you.


Accuracy Essentials Return Policy: Returns are only accepted if product is damaged or defective. 


Accuracy Essentials Terms: Accuracy Essentials is not liable for any loss or injury caused by using its products which are sole responsiblity of the customer. No Returns unless product is defective. Returns or exchanges may occur in certain situations. Thanks for looking & or buying.

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The Company

We are a small firearms parts supplier and perform certain builds as requested. We are based out of Elk City Oklahoma. Our goal is to offer great products and services at reasonable prices. We have tired of paying big companies high prices. We buy in bulk and pass our savings on to our customers. We are 100% American, love God, and support our military, our police forces, as well as our President.  Thank God for Donald J Trump. If you dont feel the same way, that‘s Ok, we don’t want your business. KEEP AMERICA SAFE! We support the 2nd Amendment.  AR Parts 

Patriotism God Bless America

Our Motto (Gun Parts)

Our motto is: God, Guns, & Freedom (in that order) America... love her or leave her!!!  Gun Parts 

Thank God for our US Constitution & our rights to worship Him!!